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Location:News ? Introduction to composition analysis and testing business process of liquid plastic rubber metal parts
Introduction to composition analysis and testing business process of liquid plastic rubber metal parts
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1、 The materials for common composition analysis are classified as follows:

[Polymer materials]

Rubber finished products and their products, plastic finished products and raw material coatings (paint, fuel, pigment, etc.) Adhesive (epoxy adhesive, modified phenolic adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, etc.) Ink: anti-counterfeit ink, screen printing ink, water-based ink, offset printing ink, ceramic ink, photosensitive ink, insulating ink, fluorescent ink, etc. Identification of unknown objects

[Fine chemical materials]

All kinds of additives: rubber product additives, plastic product additives, electroplating additives, textile and leather additives, paint additives.

Cleaning agent: paraffin removal water, oil removal water (powder), car cleaner, liquid crystal detergent, metal cleaner, ceramic cleaner, semiconductor cleaner, etc.

Cosmetics: essence, foundation cream, liquid foundation, lotion, facial mask, sunscreen, hair dye, bath gel, etc.

[Food and medicine]

Food: barbecue materials, hot pot ingredients, meat seasoning, food essence and spices, food additives, etc.

Drugs: component analysis of health wine, Chinese herbal paste, traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese herbal powder.

[Metal products]

Metals: light metals, heavy metals, precious metals, semi-metals, rare metals, rare earth metals, etc.

Alloy: aluminum alloy material, copper alloy material, titanium alloy material, iron alloy material, magnesium alloy material, zinc alloy material, tin alloy material, etc.

Stainless steel: low-temperature stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, wear-resistant stainless steel, non-magnetic stainless steel, free-cutting stainless steel, acid-resistant stainless steel, etc.

Steel products: steel pipe products, steel plate products, reinforcement products, section steel products, angle steel products, channel steel products, I-beam products, deformed steel products, etc.

[Oil products]

Crude oil: paraffin base crude oil, naphthenic base crude oil, intermediate base crude oil, ultra-low sulfur crude oil, low sulfur crude oil, sulfur crude oil, high sulfur crude oil, etc.

Fuel oil: gasoline, diesel, kerosene, methanol gasoline, ethanol gasoline, unleaded gasoline, aviation gasoline

Antirust oil: dehydrated antirust oil, hard mold antirust oil, volatile antirust oil, quick-drying antirust oil, electroplating antirust oil, soft grinding antirust oil, etc.

Lubricating oil/agent: engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, special lubricating oil, industrial lubricating oil/agent, automobile lubricating oil/agent, synthetic lubricating oil, etc.

Derivatives: petroleum coke, grease, chemical fiber, asphalt, paraffin

[Ore products]

Rock ore: gravel, angular gravel, sandstone, siltstone, shale, mudstone, limestone, dolomite, granite, rhyolite, diorite, etc.

Iron ore: magnetite, hematite, limonite, siderite, pyrite, iron concentrate

Metal ores: copper, lead-zinc, bauxite, nickel, tungsten, magnesium, cobalt, tin, bismuth, molybdenum, iron, manganese, etc.

Rare ores: lithium rubidium cesium ore analysis, platinum ore analysis, tungsten ore analysis, molybdenum ore analysis, niobium tantalum ore analysis, zirconium and hafnium ore analysis, etc.

Non-metallic ores: magnesite, dolomite, andalusite, kyanite, quartz, calcite, fluorite, thallite, asbestos and other products

2、 The composition analysis business process is as follows:

1. Evaluation sample

2. Communication of test standards and requirements

3. Sign the contract

4. Send test samples

5. Issue test report

3、 Component analysis

1. 15 years of experience in professional engineering, experience evaluation sample situation

2. The skilled test team operates accurate equipment and instruments, and the data results are guaranteed

3. The process of sample arrangement is simplified, the data is sorted out by specially-assigned person, and the results are fed back efficiently

4. The price is 15% higher than that of the same industry, and the timeliness is increased by 15%

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